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Monday, February 20, 2012

Grapevine Article

Dear Readers:                                                                                   Feb, 2012

Trusty Max Klaben at G.U.C.I. has located a few old articles I wrote for our camp newsletter, "The GUCI Grapevine."  We started the Grapevine during the days of Mark Lerner's tenure as Assistant Director.  He came up with the tag line, "Hoda'ot to Carry and Tote."  We are still totin' it.

Here's one of the articles.  It's from 2006:

You’ve heard us say ,many times that we travel around the region during the fall and winter, talking to everyone about our great G.U.C.I. program and encouraging parents to sign their up their children.  I’m happy to say that camp is filling up nicely. 

When I speak in a different synagogue each Shabbat, it’s hard for me to remember where someone may have said something to me, but after all the trips are over I often remember what was said.  What I mean is, I don’t remember who or where I heard this, but I remember hearing it.   If you were in camp last summer you may remember that I started a new tradition of inviting every cabin to visit me in my rooms in the motel units.  Campers all came with their counselors for a half an hour or so of schmoozing with the Director.  It was fun.  I got to meet all the kids and answer some of their questions about camp. We all just had a relaxing time together.  Remember, we called it “Ron’s Room?”  To be hospitable, I offered everyone a can of pop (soda for you easterners), and so we sat and drank and talked.  It was nice.

Well, in some synagogue this winter, after a wonderful camp presentation, a little boy came up to me.  He looked at me with a puzzled expression that slowly melted into recognition.  Then he smiled and said, “Hey, you’re the pop guy!”  I told him, “That’s right, man.  I’m the pop guy.” 

Everybody has to be known for something.

See you at camp next summer.  Let’s have a pop together.

The Pop Guy….aka Ron

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