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Thursday, February 1, 1996

Dan Nichols

                                                                                                  February, 1996

Dear G.U.C.I. Staff:

Allow me to "Kvell."  One of our kids is on the move Jewishly and artistically,
and I think he is going to have a significant impact on the Jewish world.  I am
referring to Dan Nichols who has put together a new band called "Eighteen." 
Danny and his partner, Mason Cooper are writing, performing, and recording some
of the most exciting music I've heard in years.  Their songs speak to all ages,
but will have special meaning and attraction to those who grew up with rock and
roll.  They bring an enormous energy and enthusiasm to their work, coupled with
clever and compellingly relevant lyrics.  It's Jewish art in the making.

Danny was at camp for ten summers and so I feel a special bond with him.  Much
of his deep feeling for Judaism surfaced here in Zionsville.  Now he joins that
strong Jewish identity with his considerable musical talents.  This is music
that needs to be heard, and will be.  Danny and Mason are almost finished with
their first recording, "Here And Now," which will be released soon on CD.  They
are also putting together their first concert tour which will begin at OVFTY
Regionals in Cincinnati in March.  "Eighteen" will perform twice during the
summer here at camp, and several of our other UAHC camps have expressed
interest in having the band do concerts for their campers and staff during the
coming summer.  This is going to be the start of something big. 

 If you want to present a special musical program for your synagogue, Hillel, religious school,
NFTY region or sub region, I strongly urge you to give Dan Nichols a call, get
your hands on the "Here And Now" CD, invite "Eighteen" into your community. 
You can reach Dan at (615) 386-0011.  These fellows are going to knock our
socks off!

In recent weeks I have been all around the Midwest, speaking to families about
camp.  Camper applications have been coming in readily; our camp will be full
again this summer.  Happily, Avodah will reappear this summer with a group of
36 outstanding 12th graders.  I am concerned, however, because we, along with
most of the other UAHC camps, have been experiencing difficulties finding
counselors for the summer.  Unit Heads and other Leadership staff are all in
place, but several counselor positions remain open.  Most years we end up
turning people away, this year we are looking for good counselor prospects.  If
you know of anyone who you feel would be a good staff member in our program,
please encourage him/her to get in touch with me.  Counselor position salaries
have increased, and good jobs remain to be filled.  Please pass the word.

I know this isn't the "Creative" kind of staff letter I have been sending you,
but I wanted you know what was happening around here.  Sort of the good, the
bad, and the ugly of it all.  The good is Danny Nichols.  The bad is the search
for staff.  The ugly?  Well, last week I shaved off my beard.  I'll leave the
rest to your imagination.